TO BE AN ASYLUM SEEKER OR REFUGEE IS NOT A CHOICE   Samuel Nkatiah                           

        Sometimes the fortunate citizens who have patriotic, devoted, uncorrupted and God fearing leaders in Government wonder why people flee from their countries and seek for an asylum elsewhere. l hope those people who have such an intention are not far from right. They see refugee as a problem and treat in their communities.

        The main cause behind these exodus are civil wars, religious conflicts, land litigates and political unrest in those countries.

        After reading this my true story, readers will be aware of why most Africans are seeking asylum in different part of developed countries like Hong Kong.  To set the ball rolling, one may agree with me that any undeveloped object is a raw material which needs to be developed for a purposeful use.  These process must be led by an able leadership.  l will turn Africa as a raw material whereby the leaders must use the resources of what God had freely deposited in our lands with a sense of patriotism love of one's county and self devotion .  But ours leaders are perpetuates of corruption.  During political campaigns they talk as angles but when the mantle of leadership is handed over to them, they use the resources as their family property by squandering founds with only their family members and love ones.  If the masses make an attempt to speak against it, they open bullets on us.  The most dangerous part is on the opposition party members hence, riots and civil wars.  In this time of danger, it's women, children and the sick who suffers from loss of life.  The fortunate ones are those who can flee to seek asylum elsewhere.

       Now what l want to put across is that it's out of treat of life that force someone to flee to unknown destination.  Arriving in Hong Kong does not mean all is well. There are numerous frustrations and stigmatization to be encountered daily.   I mean language barrier and rejection by the local people.

        Most of the natives will not talk with me if the spoken language is not Cantonese.  No one wants to site on the same seat with you in the bus because of skin color.                                                                

        It's a must to be detained before a recognizance paper will be issue to me by the Immigration Department followed by series of interviews which always results hundred percent rejection. Though Hong Kong Government does not force people to be sent back to their treat countries, yet there is a problem in searching for accommodation . From my own experience the least cost of obtaining a room is two thousand five hundred{HK$2500} the agent will demand two months pay.  Water and electricity bill one thousand, agent fee one thousand.  Total not less than seven thousand {HK$7000} From this amount the government is ready to pay one thousand two hundred{HK$1200} This amount will not be paid until one has obtained a room with a key at hand before your name will be keyed in to be paid after two or three months later.  Meanwhile one has been bounded not to work in Hong Kong so please imagine how to get the difference.

         To cut it short, l am pleading to all my readers that asylum seeking is not a result of a sin one has committed but it's out of a problem one is facing. There are diverse courses of this nature of problems as even our Savior Jesus Christ once became a refugee when King Herod was chasing His parents, Joseph and Mary to kill baby JESUS. If even Jesus our Lord become an asylum seeker, then who am l ???   


(To be continued)